What is Passport to Persia? 

Passport to Persia is an event that is part of the Passport to the World Program at the Chicago Children's Museum.  Passport to Persia Showcases Persian Culture to share with the Chicago community.

About the Chicago Children's Museum 

Chicago Children's Museum's mission is to create a community where play and learning connect. The museum's primary audience is children up through the fifth grade including their families, along with the school and community groups that support and influence children's growth and development. The museum also offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and college internships. Fifteen permanent exhibits and programming spaces provide innovative learning experiences for children and their caregivers. The museum serves more than 500,000 visitors annually. CCM also reaches out beyond its walls by making a significant investment of resources in neighborhoods across Chicago, particularly to children who might not otherwise have access to the museum's rich array of resources.

About Passport to the World

Passport to the World at Chicago Children's Museum is a year-round series of performances, demonstrations and workshops representing the arts and traditions of the city's ethnically diverse neighborhoods. CCM's partnership with dozens of local residents and organizations ensures quality "first person" authenticity of each community-driven presentation. Every Passport celebration culminates in activity-rich three-day festival held at the museum. The Passport to the World program is shaped by CCM's vision statement and works to expose our visitors to a rich variety of people, beliefs and cultures. Our goal is not only to break down stereotypes and build tolerance, but also to help children and families build a strong and confident self-identity and an informed and proud group identity. The vision of the program is that visitors will develop an enthusiasm for interaction with diversity that turns simple tolerance into true appreciation of Chicago's rich and diverse culture.